Boat Food: Tortillas


Here’s a simple recipe for tortillas – a multi-purpose food that is great to keep on hand!  I find that keeping them in a sealed container in the fridge extends the life – but you can keep them on the counter, too.  Or just eat them all.

Tortillas Recipe

2 cups  All Purpose Flour

3 Tablespoons Coconut oil (or lard, Crisco, olive oil – whatever you prefer/have access to)

2 tsp Salt – or to taste

2/3 cup Water

Mix flour and salt in large bowl.  Drizzle oil over and mix thoroughly.  A hand works well to mush all the oil into the flour.  Add water and stir briefly until dough ball forms.

I divide dough in half, then half again.  Each quarter then gets divided into thirds.  This gives me 12 equal-ish pieces of tortilla dough.  I then roll into a ball, roll out with a fondant rolling pin (it fits nicely on the boat!) and cook 1 at a time in a heated, dry skillet.

Preheat the skillet to medium heat, assuming your stove has some sort of control.  Mine is pretty much low or HOT AS HADES.  I aim for somewhere in between…  Then cook for 30 seconds or so, flip and repeat.

These tortillas are quick, easy and have NO freaky preservatives.  And they are great in my Pizza Taco recipe!

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Mix, Roll, Cook, Eat – easy peasy!

  • Mark and Cindy - sv Cream Puff


    So glad you shared this. Last year we started making tortillas aboard Cream Puff. We have had much better luck than baking bread. We now reach for a tortilla before thinking about a sandwich. But I am ashamed to say, we have found that using lard makes the flavor really pop. In Puerto Rico, we haven’t had any issues of finding good old fashioned lard. On other islands it has been hard to find. We think it might now be illegal to sell lard in the USA (except for southern states) 🙂

    Mark’s favorite food is tacos. We can put anything inside a tortilla and he’s happy. His favorite are breakfast tacos (potato, egg and salsa).

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Pufff

    • Jennifer

      Sounds like our Marks are the same! Put anything in a tortilla and he’s happy! I have not tried lard yet. I will wait until I can’t get my hands on reasonably priced coconut oil. But I have no doubts whatsoever that it will be delicious when I finally try it!

  • Martha Beck


    I love tortillas so much better than bread. I may try making these. Thanx so much for the recipe!

    • Jennifer

      Let me know how it goes! They are super easy – and DELICIOUS!

  • unecotesouest


    Tortillas are new to our boat this year and I love them. I just found your blog and realize I had a tortillas post within days of your! Tortillas really are fantastic on the boat, great post.

    • Jennifer

      Glad you found us – thanks for following along! Great minds think alike. 🙂

  • Glen


    Mmm looks tasty and pretty easy to make! Will certainly give this a try. Any favorite recipe with tortilla?

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