Boat Food: Pizza Tacos!

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Yes – you read it right, PIZZA TACOS!

Sometimes you just need an easy, quick food.  But how do you whip up something quick when everything has to be “whipped up” from scratch?  Particularly when we are on a passage in crappy seas and it’s hot as all get out in the galley. And hello – TACOS.

When I found that an 8 pack of tortillas was about $8USD in the Bahamas, I started making my own.  We can easily eat 3 or more tortillas for a meal between the 2 of us, and $1 each doesn’t really fit into our tiny budget.  So I busted out the flour, water and coconut oil and started making my own tortillas.  They are good for a few days – if we don’t eat them all before then!

As always, necessity was the mother here – it’s getting too freaking hot on the boat to cook all the time, we were making lots of longer (for us) passages, and I have to work my sailing shifts, too. There’s not always time or a comfortable sea state for me to be down below cooking.

Enter Pizza Tacos

I’ve become quite crafty at making meals with whatever is on hand.  The first go round we had tortillas, hard salami, a small remnant of cheddar and some olives.  I dug in the bilge and found a can of italian flavored tomato sauce, parmesan and mushrooms, and Viola! Pizza Tacos were born.

A huge benefit to this recipe is that it is actually done entirely on the stove top.  No heating of the oven!  So when we are craving pizza and it’s too hot, and/or I don’t have 4 hours to make fresh pizza crust dough – Pizza Tacos!  When we’re on a passage and tired of Buffalo Pasta Salad?  Pizza Tacos!  And now that we are in Savannah, doing some maintenance on our rentals and earning some cashola – I’m TIRED, so Pizza Tacos!

sailing luna sea pizza taco ingredients

Pizza Taco ingredients – whatever you have on hand!

Pizza Taco Recipe

This is not exactly ground breaking culinary genius here.  But it IS delicious, fast and customizable.  Definitely a winning boat combination!

•  Tortilla  EDIT:  I tried these with store bought tortillas instead of making some.  Not remotely as good!

•  Tomato sauce – pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, whatever

•  Cheese(s) – FYI parmesan has a long shelf life and can easily be kept in dry storage

•  Toppings – whatever you want/have can pretty much be tossed on the pizza.  Good dry storage options?  Olives, real bacon bits, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, dried meats, etc.

Preheat a pan that has a lid – med to med high heat.  Place loaded tortilla in pan, cover with lid and leave for a couple of minutes, until cheese melts.  Fold in half and eat like a taco – after it cools, or you’ll melt your face off.  That’s it!

sailing luna sea boat food pizza taco

Just heat long enough to melt the cheese! Also creates a crispy taco shell.

sailing luna sea boat food eating pizza taco s

He didn’t wait long enough and practically melted his face off here.

So basically, I guess this is a less chemical laden Hot Pocket.  But fully customizable and easily eaten at the helm.  Let me know if you give it a shot – I’d love to see pics on Instagram or Facebook of you stuffing your faces with Pizza Tacos! #sailinglunasea



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