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sailing luna sea working poolside treasure cay bahamas

I admit it. I have been slacking on the blog. And certainly not for lack of content to share. We are surrounded by beauty and adventures here in the Bahamas! One thing we are not surrounded by? Quality internet connections.

I know, I’ve whined about this before – but I still absolutely despise blogging via my phone. And so I don’t. Isn’t this new life we’ve created all about focusing on what we want to do – not what we should do?

sailing luna sea working poolside treasure cay bahamas

“Working” poolside – with amazing internet!

But never fear!  We have managed to crank out a couple of quick videos of what’s been happening here.  So as I currently sit poolside at the Treasure Cay Resort, I finally have some interwebs capable of sharing the videos here on the blog!  Woo!

For those of you unable to watch videos, I feel you.  Trust me.  But we are wrapping it up here in the Bahamas, and not only will we have great connections again in the States, but we will finally sort out decent wifi setup for when we head back to the islands in the Fall.  Hopefully no more extended blogging breaks!

In the meantime, we have about 2 weeks here before we stage for a weather window to cross the Gulfstream again.  This time we are hoping that our new weather skills will give us a smoother, less terrifying ride west.  I realize I still haven’t shared the original crossing from Florida to Bimini.  But when we get back, I will be sure to share the lessons we’ve learned, the traumatic events we faced (created?) and all kinds of good stuff in between.

So here we go:

Video 1 – Our visit with friends in George Town, Bahamas


Video 2 – Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas

As always – thanks for following along!  Over 1000 of you are tagging along with us on Instagram!  And also loads of you are keeping up on Twitter and Facebook.  It really means a lot.  We love interacting with you virtually – and now that we are on the move, we’ve had a blast meeting up with you, too!  Feel free to Like the videos, and Share/Subscribe as well!  The input from you helps the Youtube channel grow.  And growing the channel hopefully means we can encourage MORE people to live a life of doing what they want to do vs what they are told they should do.


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