Exuma Land and Sea Park aka Hunkered Down


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Exuma Land and Sea Park – Warderwick Wells 

We made it to Warderwick Wells  and dropped anchor in a lovely, open area with good holding. As a bonus, we had multiple coral heads nearby for some easy, yet beautiful snorkeling.

Sailing luna sea cruising travel blog

Sweaty beasts climbing the hill!

The Land and Sea Park is a No Take zone, by land and by sea. So no fishing etc. That means the fish and coral here are AMAZING. Bad news is, we were so distracted that we forgot to take the GoPro with us. So you’ll just have to settle for the land pics we took while hiking to Boo Boo Hill. 

Sailing luna sea exuma land and sea park

Mark heading up Boo Boo Hill. Always happy for a land break!

With a crazy cold front promising 30 knot winds, we requested a mooring ball inside the park. Fortunately for us, the only one they had a available was in an area that didn’t look all that protected from incoming north wind. Why? Because we opted to move further south, to Cambridge Cay. 

Sailing luna sea cruising travel blog

Our initially calm, tranquil hideout at Cambridge Cay

Cambridge is still within the park, so the fish and coral were still amazing. There were even mooring balls, so we picked one up for a couple of nights. We also met 3 other boats and had a new group of friends to share beach walks and bonfires. Being on deserted islands is so cool. But it is even better when you find similar people to share them. 

Sailing Luna Sea cruising travel blog

Not so cal and peaceful on the windward side the next day. But beautiful.

The never- ending front is still here. As I write this, it is Wednesday evening. The front arrived Saturday around 2am. But not before we dinghied over to the Rocky Dundas caves for a fabulous snorkel! Anytime you see a dinghy mooring, grab your gear and get in the water. 

The wind is not expected to calm down until Sunday (but that is at least 3 days earlier than previously predicted). At least we have mostly sunny skies (the solat panels are happy) and little rain. 

All 4 boats picked up anchor and caravanned down to Big Major at sunrise/high tide. We have also already seen other boats we recognize from earlier islands. Really cool to keep running into people and sharing stories. 

Our last sunset at Cambridge Cay!

Tomorrow morning we will pile on the foul weather gear and load in the dinghy. It’s Mailboat day aka grocery food delivery. We haven’t seen a grocery store since Nassau – which was several islands ago. Time to get some veggies! Also time to grab some lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. And finally, we will head to the beach to visit the pigs! 
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Next Up: Well, we will still be here for about a week waiting on this front. It sure is eating into our island exploring time! May have to re- examine our plans for heading back north… 

  • Tammy Campbell


    I so look forward to your posts. Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      You guys will be out here before you know it, Tammy Ann!

  • Candy Hicks


    Thanks for sharing and letting us keep up with you and your adventures(WONDERFUL) the pictures are fabulous and you both look SOOOOOOO HAPPY ! ! ! ! ! HAPPY ADVENTURES πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer

      We are having a blast!

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