YouTube Videos vs Living the Life

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Are we making YouTube videos, or living this amazing cruising life?!?

We’ve been videoing our travels quite a bit – and have a hard drive full of raw footage.  So why aren’t I cranking out YouTube videos every week for those of you who enjoy/have the bandwidth to watch?  So many reasons.  Here are just a few:

✯We are having a blast as we cruise – and sometimes, often the most fun or scary times, we don’t feel like, or can’t safely, pull out a camera.

✯The current list of my major jobs on this boat include; weather, passage planning, making all food from scratch, provisioning, paying bills/dealing with landlife issues, cleaning and maintaining the boat, filming, editing videos, maintaining this website as well as Instagram, FB and Twitter, PAINTING, taking care of the dogs, and sometimes even SAILING.

✯Editing videos takes a good bit of time – time that I’m not willing to commit.  Time I want to spend PAINTING. (noticing a recurring art theme here?)

So what’s the end result?  Don’t worry!  For those of you that want to actually SEE our travels – Mark is now at the helm!  He has fully taken over the video editing.  I am so relieved.  While I actually enjoy filming some stuff, I am truly more enriched and fueled by spending my free time immersed in a painting.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing the occasional editing/production of a video here and there.  But it does mean I can focus on what I WANT to do, not what I feel like I HAVE to do.  And isn’t that the underlying goal of this entire journey we’ve set off on?  Yes, yes it is.

So the day I felt like I HAD TO MAKE A VIDEO NOW – and couldn’t paint/sup/snorkel because of it, is the day I decided I was done.  Because we are here to enjoy ourselves.  But since we are also here to share as much of this amazing journey with YOU as we can – thanks again to Mark for taking the time to learn to use a Mac, as well as all new software, etc.

So without further ado – here’s our latest video, thanks entirely to Mark 🙂  Crossing the Gulfstream from the Abacos to Florida

I am so happy to see him editing these videos – they are truly a great reminder for us of our travels!  And we love sharing as much as we can about how this really works.  So go check it out – and Subscribe, Comment and give it a Thumbs Up, please.  And let us know what sort of content you’d like to see more of in our YouTube videos!  I’m off to paint… oh, and sail.  🙂


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