Winter Solstice

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Here we sit in Spanish Wells on this Winter Solstice, waiting on our battery charger to be delivered. It is in Nassau.  Just chillin’, apparently, since Monday. 

Lest you feel sorry for us, let me share with you a typical day of us waiting on parts.

First we enjoyed coffee and the sunrise. Then we dinghied over to the beach and walked to the grocery store for some fresh food before the stores close for the holidays. 

We then walked the beach and picked out our favorite house before taking the food back to the boat. We like tiny. This one is cool, and has a great view. And it is purple and turquoise,  my two favorites. So, yeah. Here is my house. 

After a couple of hours snorkeling, we headed home for lunch, then loaded up the dogs and headed back to town. This time we filled a propane tank ($20 for 2 gal ?!!), checked in with the shipping office – just in case the package had arrived, and then hit up the vet’s office to pick up some antibiotics for Libby. 

She had a freaky eye episode  2 weeks ago – of course in the middle of deserted islands, and we used up our doggy meds. Now we are restocked, just in case… The vet thinks it was some kind of sting. Who knows for certain, I am just glad she is doing so much better now! She was pretty miserable, and so old that we were actually worried this might be the end. 🙁

After our visit to Spanish Wells, we dinghied back to Luna Sea, who sits happily in the harbour. Our two big conch from our morning snorkel were patiently waiting on our return.

Mark cleaned up the conch, and I minced them and whipped up a batch of conch fritters. It was tedious for each of us, but we have happy bellies and a nice new recipe for anything fritter! 

I also whipped up some calypso sauce and a thai chili aioli. Delicious! 

We finished up the day with dinner during this gorgeous sunset. And a beer or two to wash down the fritters. 

We still wait patiently for our boat parts, and are planning just exactly how to receive our next order – more solar panels! Maybe a trip to Marsh Harbor, Abacos is in our future? Or maybe we will just sit right here and enjoy the people, wildlife, beaches and sun. 

Happy Winter Solstice from Spanish Wells! May your future days be longer and full of more sunshine. 

  • candy hicks


    BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! and those fritters look DELICIOUS ! ! ! POOR LIBBY 🙁
    OH and “your” house is JUST RIGHT ! ! !

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