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Welcome to the New Blog!

If you’ve been following my other blog (it’s total randomness of my life) then you know I was out to start this blog.  I’m going to be documenting our boat buying purchase from start to sail – and hopefully beyond!

Brief Backstory:

My husband and I are already working on plans for our “Retirement” – or 2nd career, as we like to call it.  Our Current Plan is to find a boat that is possible to live on – and maybe even use commercially.  Maybe we’ll hire out for day trips, dinner tours, etc. Or maybe we’ll just bum around the Caribbean.  We don’t know – but by golly, I’ll be tracking the plan whatever it is!

Timeline:  Well, that’s up in the air.  We have so many decisions to make, and we’re going to take our time.  We have a kid in college and don’t plan to ditch her for the sea life anytime soon.  (perhaps to her dismay ๐Ÿ˜‰  Not to mention – we’re no where near “old enough” to retire…

So what are some of our initial decisions?  You’d be surprised at how many questions are running around in our brains! (it’s a little crazy in there, so I’ll spare you and try to condense)

What type of boat?

What’s the name of our boat?

What size of boat?

What exactly are we going to use this sucker for?

Uh, how do you sail…?

New vs Used vs Really Old and need of repair?

I think I’d like to take a little time on each of these topics – so now we know what sort of posts we’re looking at for the next week at least ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for checking out the blog – and please feel free chime in often.  Are you planning to set sail?  Have you already done it?  Does the thought terrify you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

  • Stacey


    The thought does NOT terrify ME! Its thrilling, actually & I'm looking into certifications here in Spain so I can stowaway ASAP. Looking forward to lots of intriguing planning blogs! yayaaaaa! beulah

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