Thank you so much for following along on our adventures!

We are just getting started, but plan to share blog posts and videos on our adventures – as well as what it’s like to really live aboard.

How can you help support us?  Just by reading the posts, you’re helping!  Commenting, sharing on social media and subscribing to the blog, following/interacting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are also fantastic ways to support us!

When we start cranking out videos, subscribing on Youtube and giving our videos a thumbs up would be amazing!  And best of all?  All of the above methods are FREE!  Yep, FREE.  Just by reading/sharing/liking you can help us carry on with this adventure.  How cool is that?

Want to do MORE to support us on this journey?

Well, that’s mighty generous of you.  In order to share all of the magnificence (and misery) that comes along with sailing and living on a boat, we will need to pay for internet, camera equipment (salt water is ROUGH on electronics!) etc.  We have a PayPal account set up that allows you to Tip Us! You can also use this button if you’d prefer a one-time donation – you can even earmark it for school supplies/beach clean up! (see below for more info)

If you are enjoying what we are putting out into the world and would like to contribute, we would be ever so thankful!   100% of this $ comes directly to us, via PayPal and will be put to good use!  THANK YOU!

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What are we doing on Patreon?

We’ve managed to create our own small monthly allowance for sailing, food (man, I hope we learn how to fish soon!), and boat maintenance/repairs. But what we REALLY want to do is share our adventures and give back to the communities we visit.

The money you provide via Patreon will be earmarked for us to support the people of the islands we visit – and to share those interactions with you.  While we are heading out to explore and learn and enjoy ourselves – and to bring you along virtually, supporting the people in the places we visit is a major goal. A pet peeve of ours is PLASTIC.  It is everywhere, and destroying our planet. Every chance we get, we head out to pick up trash via beach walk, dinghy ride up paddle. Trash disposal for a beach clean up costs money and that is the part we need your help with. Whenever possible, we will photo/video document these events and include them in our videos and blog posts – so YOU can see the difference we’re making via the contributions YOU’VE provided.

 We are asking for any support you can give – and only if you like what we’re doing!

Our main blog posts and videos will be available here and on Youtube for free. So as you would if you enjoyed a live music performance or exceptional service at a restaurant, just toss us a few bucks if it feels right. Anything helps.