Norman Cay and Shroud Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

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We hustled on south to Norman Cay from Allen. We are doing our best to sail everywhere, using as little engine/fuel as possible. Don’t get me wrong, we are not against using an engine when necessary. It is just that the less money we spend on fuel, the more we have for other stuff! Plus, unless we are running from bad weather, we are rarely in a hurry.
There is a Budget post coming soon, but for now let’s just chat about our two most recent cays. (Pronounced key, not kay…) Norman was gorgeous and the anchorage was massive. At least compared to what we had envisioned. Plenty of room for everybody, so no stress about swinging into the boat next to you during a wind shift or tide change.  We stopped by a boat we recongnized from Spanish Wells, just to say Hi, then carried on to the beach for a stroll. Molly gets super excited about each new beach. Well, so do we, to be fair. 

Then we snorkelled around our boat – we had noticed a couple of baby reefs off in front of our anchor. Gorgeous! A quick swim back to the boat reminded us the bottom is getting a little dirty. So we took some time to wipe down the Coppercoat with a scotch brite pad. Then we got lazy and decided to just hang out in the cockpit for the evening. 

First thing this morning we piled in the dinghy and around through an inlet. There is a sunken plane in about 13′ of water. That was probably one of the best snorkels we have done so far! (Ridley Head in Spanish Wells is right up there with it)

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Norman Cay beach, Exuma, Bahamas

After a quick rinse, we raised the sails and coasted on down to Shroud Cay. It was a little slow going with the light winds, but Luna Sea was doing 3.5 knots in 3 to 4 knots of wind. I will take that! 
We dropped anchor first on the south end. Then dinghied through a mangrove channel to the east side of the island – to check out the Exuma Sound. Molly and I both just rode along in the dinghy with our jaws dropped and drooling over the indescribable beauty. I don’t know how each island manages to keep impressing us more than the one before. 

We got back to the big boat and I paddled on over to a private island (Little Pigeon Cay) just to poke around in some calm waters. Then we pulled anchor again and moved back to the north of Shroud to stage for tomorrow’s beach/snorkel extravaganza.

Up Next: Exuma Land and Sea Park!!


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