Learning As We Go… S2 E10

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We have made NO secret of jumping into this sailing life feet first! No experience? No problem! Never been on a moving sailboat? Bought one anyway! No sailing experience?! Just get out there and go! 

Ok, so not really. Sometimes I feel like we give the impression that we just jumped in our boat and sailed off to the Bahamas. And while it often feels like it happened that fast – it really didn’t.

Our first big step was to hire a captain to not only deliver our boat from Florida to Georgia, but to use us as crew and teach us as we went. We learned on our own boat – and let me tell you, that was a HUGE learning experience for us. Add 3 years of coastal sailing and last season’s 9 months of travel through the Bahamas and Florida – and you get 5000 nautical miles under your belt before you know it. 

We’ve met several people this season who have followed our blog for a long time – and that is such a cool feeling! But it also made me realize that maybe we need to explain that not only did we really practice before just setting off for the horizon – but more importantly, WE ARE STILL LEARNING. 

This episode we take a break from our normal video format to show you some of the ways that we are still gaining experience as we go. In fact, we are learning things here in the Bahamas that we just couldn’t learn at home in Savannah. Because let’s face it, 10 knots of wind in Savannah is right down blustery. 

So check out this week’s video to see how and why we decide to tackle 20 to 30 knots of wind – you know, just for fun! 

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Learning As We Go | S2 E10


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