Hanging Out: Hurricane Season 2017

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Plans Change

When we changed plans and decided to head back to the States this season, we really had no idea how many crazy things would change.  To be fair, I’m pretty sure most of you reading this also had no idea how much this hurricane season would affect you…

When we got to Long Island, Bahamas, in the Spring, we had to make a decision: keep going south and east, to the islands of the Caribbean, or back to the States.  Because we felt we needed more experience before taking on such a big jump, we headed back to the States.  Thankfully, we used our trip back to make longer passages, and make ourselves more comfortable for the long haul.  We purchased a new, bigger, more suitable Mantus Anchor.  And maybe an ice maker.  And a yoga hammock… Life is good on s/v Luna Sea. Unfortunately, that choice also means those beautiful islands in the Caribbean – the one’s we’ve been aiming for these past 7 years – well, we never got to see them before #irma

Hurricane Season

When we got back to Savannah in June, we wrapped up most of our boat projects, made a little money doing projects for other people, then hit the road in Creepy Van.  So far we’ve played with family in Birmingham and spent the past 2 weeks in Oklahoma – just outside of Oklahoma City, in Jones.  We both graduated from high school here, and have friends and family all over the place.

sailing luna sea hurricane season 2017

My cousin, Kimbo. So used to me randomly dropping by unannounced – she didn’t even blink when I rolled up @ 7am in the Creepy Van…

2 weeks in one place – that’s the longest we’ve sat still in a while!  But it’s pretty cozy here – surrounded by family and friends.  The full size kitchen is getting a workout.  And the “laundry machine” – and the bathtub.  A bathtub!

There were endless rounds of Thumb Wars, Beyblades, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Corn Hole…

Had we continued  south, we would most likely be in Grenada right now – not helping in the Virgin Islands.  It’s still hurricane season, after all.  And our insurance doesn’t want us in the “hurricane box”, understandably.  While we wish we could be on the ground (water?) helping right now, it’s not really the time to second guess our choices.  Our boat survived.  We are surrounded by friends and family, and we are all working to gather necessary supplies and money before we do finally make it to the Caribbean.

Up Next

From here, we’ll pile back in Creepy Van and head south to Dallas to visit friends.  Then LA (Look out, NOLA!), Alabama, and finally back to Savannah.  From there we will wrap up a couple of boat projects, provision the boat, load up all of the supplies we’re gathering and then visit with friends a bit more before we shove off at the end of Hurricane Season.  Oh, and our beloved Creepy Van will be for sale…

As I type this, we are watching TS Maria (soon to be a major hurricane) barrel toward the Virgin Islands.  They will very likely be trampled again. We’re anxiously awaiting a potential turn to the north.  But in the meantime, we’re still trying to get the word out that we are collecting supplies for everyone impacted by Irma, and any follow up storms.


Want to help with the rebuilding?  If you are anywhere on our path and want to donate goods, shoot me an email!  Want to donate cash so we can buy more supplies when we get south?  We will need it!  I have no doubt we’ll run out of rebuilding supplies shortly after getting to the Virgin Islands – and cash means we can reload in Puerto Rico.  Here’s our PayPal – where 100% will go toward Irma relief.

So while we’re chomping at the bit to get down south and help, it worked out for the best.  We’ve gained more long passage experience, picked up a few luxury items (hello, ice!), and started gathering money and items for the Virgin Islands.  Not to mention priceless time with family.  I’d say our change of plans was the right choice.  (Did I mention ice?)


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    SO Happy ya’ll are having a good time.! ! ! ! Hope to get to see you some more when you get to the “Ham.

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