Cruising is Making Us Tame


Sure, we are out exploring the islands of the Bahamas, sailing from one island to the next. We have crossed the gulfstream and the Great Bahama Bank. We’ve explored the Glass Window Bridge and jump into Hoffman Cay’s blue hole. But really? We are becoming tame. 

Canyoning in Interlaken

We used to jump off cliffs without batting an eye. Hanggliding? Sure. Canyoning through Interlaken and white water rafting in glacier waters? Yup. Paragliding was almost boring, in fact. 

They kept reminding us this was was a glacier 3 hours earlier. Like our frozen selves could forget!

So what has changed? All those things did not include our home. We shot over rapids in someone else’s raft. Jumped off cliffs and soared through the air in someone else’s rig. And if we crashed? Well, we had insurance. 

Paragliding seemed tame after canyoning and white water rafting – but we still got to say we jumped off the mountain!

These days we load up our (insured) house and our car (dinghy) and trek off across a rolling sea toward islands past the horizon. We get up before sunrise to be sure we get to our destination while there is still enough light to avoid running into coral heads. And to be sure we get the anchor into a nice patch of sand. We are often in bed relatively soon after sunset.
We spend our days while anchored hiking, exploring and snorkelling – but there is always that little voice in the back of our (uninsured)brains reminding is to take care with our steps. Maybe jump from the lower ledge instead of the high one. Secure the boat – both for safety at sea and from theives in port. And go to bed early, because you never know when a squall may blow through and cause rotating anchor watches all night.(and because you are exhausted physically from hiking, snorkelling and just plain living on a boat)

I am worse than Mark, but even he has these fleeting thoughts. As he snorkel drifted through Current Cut dragging the dinghy behind, there was the realization that if things got out of hand we could lose the dighy to the rocks on shore. And while it was sort of fun, it wasn’t worth the risk. 

Ah, risks – we try not to dwell on them, while taking steps to ensure the boat’s safety and ours. Each step we take to improve our comfort and security underway, or our boat security when we head ashore, helps us relax more. 

We are currently motorsailing toward Nassau – a place we have been “warned” not to go. I am hoping, like Savannah, social media has blown the crime out of proportion. But as in Savannah, we will be cognizant of our surroundings and secure our boat thoroughly. Plus we have our two vicious little watch dogs. 

I have to admit, this was an amazing way to view Interlaken!

So though our days follow the sunrise and sunset, and we try to plan for the unknown, we are still on an adventure. And don’t worry, we are still jumping off the highest ledges and drifting through the cuts. We just think about it first for a second or two. 


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