Cat Island, Bahamas

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Cat Island turned out to be one of our FAVORITE islands in the Bahamas!

The people throughout the Bahamas were open, friendly, helpful and always up for a chat! But Cat Island was just one of our favorites. And I am not even sure why…

As with most places we really enjoyed, it probably comes down to the people. Our favorite was Denice – at Hidden Treasures restaurant. She was kind, generous and made amazing fish sandwiches and affordable daquiris. Let me tell you – affordable daquiris were not something we stumbled upon frequently.

Cat Island is beautiful. We spent our time focused on New Bight, but have no doubts that if we are able to pass thru that way again, we will find lots of other amazing areas to explore. New Bight has a little colorful strip of restaurants directly on the beach (this is where you will find Denice and Hidden Treasures), a FREE public restroom with SHOWERS, a bakery – and a big draw for us, Mount Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas.

Check out the video to see us ride out 36 hours of rocking and rolling in the unprotected bight, as well as our hike to the Hermitage at the top of the Mount Alvernia.

The only thing I would change about Cat Island? There is no protection for boats during a strong west wind. I am certain that if a jetty were ever built to provide protection for boaters, this island would become just as popular with cruisers as many of the others. This would be a great boost for the island’s economy. But then it might just lose some of it’s charm…

(But I am still rooting for that imaginary jetty and a more comfortable way of life for the locals!)

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    GREAT VIDEO……but gonna watch again ! ! ! 🙂

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