Budget: May 2017

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Welcome to the May Budget Post!  After April’s wild and crazyfun spending, we took it down a notch and headed back to anchor – in the BEAUTIFUL Dry Tortugas (video here)!  Seriously, if you need to save some money, just go drop anchor near a gorgeous deserted island and snorkel your butt off.  Free.  Fun. And a sure solution to a blown budget!  (*technically we paid $20 to be in the park for a week.)


**In a previous post I explained what I consider and include in our own personal “budget”. For tracking and sharing purposes I am only counting true living expenses and general boat maintenance. (Althought I do note major purchases each month, if we have any) So if I don’t include the boat payment and major purchases, what DO I include? Food, diesel, gas, propane, eating and drinking out, dog stuff, clothes, cell phone/data, toys, land adventures, mooring balls and marinas,and general boat maintenance such as oil changes, watermaker filters, zinc anodes, etc. Pretty much every bit of boat related money we spend other than boat payment and insurance – now that the upgrades are finished. Why don’t I include those? Because they are so variable to you – the person I am tracking this information for. You may or may not have a boat payment, and you may or may not have boat/medical insurance. And if you have either, the costs vary wildly.**

May 2017 Budget

Sailing Luna Sea budget may 2017 expenses

May 2017 Expenses

Take note of the new line this month: Hustling!  Because we are certainly doing that these days.  This month is from paintings, but throughout the summer the category also includes photography, selling more of our stuff (we STILL have too much “stuff”!) and Handy Man jobs we pick up around town.  Even the smallest amount of money we bring in is a HUGE offset to our budget.  Another benefit of living cheaply!  What used to seem like something minimal truly has become immense.

You might also notice a bit more eating out this month – we stopped and visited the Dempsey’s and, much like April, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  Friends are the best.


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