5 Things We (Think We) Will Miss When We Start Cruising

sailing luna sea

We are about a week out from leaving the dock.  ?

For the most part, we are just wrapping up projects and hanging out with friends.  And while we’ve been on 1, 2 and 3 week trips on s/v Luna Sea, we’re honestly not 100% sure what to expect when we leave our marina slip for good.  I thought it might be fun for us to write out a list of 5 Things We Think We’ll Miss.  And we can check back later and see how close we did (or didn’t) come!

I wrote my list of 5 things, then asked Mark what his top 5 would be.  That way neither of us could be influenced by the other’s answer.  These are also not in a particular order, since we just spewed what ever popped into our heads at the time.


1. Air Conditioning: Yes, we are spoiled by living at the dock. We have full on A/C – and have no problems having it run full blast 24 hours a day. But guess what!? As soon as we leave, and disconnect that giant yellow power cord, we become A/C-less. I’m am certain I will acclimate – and it will likely be quick. But I do enjoy sleeping in a cold bed!

2. Friends: Surely it goes without saying that I will miss my family, as well – but everyone except our daughter* lives in other states/countries, so we’ve only stayed in touch via the internet and occasional visits for years. But friends? We try to visit at least once a week with a variety of friends, and they will be sorely missed. Drinks poolside, fireside chats, and dinners around town have kept us social for years. Those friendships will now rely on the internet as well. Fortunately, some of our friends will definitely come and visit as we sail around to ALL THE BEACHES. (*surely it goes without saying that Britney is the main person we will miss, so I didn’t give her a slot on my list.  I kinda thought that was a given… But Mark likes to make me look bad ?)

3. Vegetables: I am all for making a beeline to islands that grow their own veggies. I can straight up be vegan with no sense of loss whatsoever. But living on beans, rice and fish is going to be the reality. Not too shabby in my opinion. And the plan is to supplement with fresh veggies wherever we land. Unfortunately, some islands are no longer producing their own food, and rely solely on what is shipped in. Which, from what we’ve seen so far, results in a sad, wilted, wimpy veg selection. Somehow we will manage to distract ourselves from the lack of veggies by snorkeling, swimming, beach walking, hiking, exploring, etc…

4. Amazon Prime: Ok, so I don’t really shop much. I rarely buy new clothes. I make a weekly trip to the grocery store. That’s about it. But when we need something (usually boat project related) I just add it to my Amazon Prime Shopping Cart and everything arrives in 2 days. Like magic.

5. Reliable Internet: We are getting used to hit or miss internet, here at the marina. Truthfully, though, it’s a pretty darn good connection. Don’t know the answer to a question? Just Google it. Need to know how to clean the air filter on my car? Youtube to the rescue. Need a new recipe to mix it up in the galley (kitchen) a little? Yep – online search. I’m very dependent on the internet. I guess I will just have to start a list of questions and save them for when we have wifi! (I’m also stockpiling recipes in a notebook and have a few boat maintenance books to hopefully save us!)


1. Britney: Even though she’s leaving soon to do her own thing, it’s been great to have her nearby and spend time with her over the last few years.

2. Friends: We have an amazing network of friends in Savannah. It will be hard to leave them behind.

3. Air conditioning/hot water: Even though I will adjust, we won’t be running a generator around the clock. So to just be cold when it’s cold outside and hot when it’s hot outside will take some getting used to. And while we will have hot water when we run the engine, we won’t be running the engine just to heat up the hot water tank…

4. Cycling: I will miss my weekly rides – both the exercise and the social nature of the local rides.

5. Gulfstream: I will miss my job. It’s an amazing company with an incredibly passionate and talented workforce. It will be crazy to go from the high paced workforce that is highly schedule driven and regimented to not know what day or month it is.

Bonus Item: Cars: It will be the first time in 30 years that I haven’t owned a vehicle. The convenience of being able to go grab a part, or a beer or a meal. No need to plan the logistics. Going forward these will all be more of an adventure.  (not sure why HE got a bonus item… ? )

So there we have it.  The top 5 things that jumped out at us when the topic came up.  We’ll have to see how things go, and I’ll try to remember to check back in 6 months or so and see if we are remotely close.

Are you planning a life changing adventure?  Are you already doing something challenging?  What do you actually miss?  Feel free to chime in!

  • Bob and Trisha Hicks


    It’s a good reality check that you list these things. You might be surprised by what and how much you miss somethings. We are wired for community. Hope the internet is faithful and true so you can stay connected as best you can.

    • Jennifer

      Yes, I’m hoping our internet connection works as advertised… We will see. Also curious to see what we REALLY miss, too!

  • Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor


    I think the A/C would be a tough one. It would be interesting to see you do an update in 6-12 months on how much you missed these things or if there were others things you missed which surprised you.

    • Jennifer

      Fortunately we’ve been tapering off on the A/C already, Ellen. We will see. I’m pretty sure we are going to be two giant pools of sweat for a while.

  • Candy Hicks


    YEA ! ! ! So exciting ! ! ! I will miss your yearly visits snicker, snicker BUT I do love reading alllllll of your adventures, small or large. BE SAFE and have a BLAST…..MUCH LOVE MA 🙂

    • Jennifer

      We will!

  • Mark and Cindy - sv Cream Puff


    Hi Mark and Jennifer,

    We just wanted to wish you luck as you are now ready to untie and take the dock lines with you. We have enjoyed reading your prep as we were there not so very long ago. We hope we bump into you both one day in an awesome anchorage. Our plans are to spend most of the next season in the BVI area. We’ll probably hop down through the Bahamas. If you see us, be sure to hail.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

    • Jennifer

      Hey guys! We are going to hang out in the Bahamas for a while, before heading further south. So defintely stop by if you see us bobbing around!

  • Ross


    Ah…offshore cruising…the ability to fix your boat in yet another foreign port. Seriously it is really rare air out there…enjoy. R

  • Jennifer


    Yes, Ross, we have no doubt we will be doing repairs/maintenance. But at least we’ll have a new view while we do them!

  • Deb


    My list was pretty much the same before we left. Yes, you’ll miss air conditioning but much more so because it’s dry air than that it’s cold. You will make many, many new friends cruising so although you’ll miss your current friends, you’ll have many more. The veggies in the Bahamas are abysmal. Nuff said. The internet in the Bahamas is actually pretty good and pretty reliable. Prime? Yeah. Miss it terribly while we’re cruising.

    How to see you out there this winter,

    SV Kintala

    • Jennifer

      Hey Deb!
      Yes – we’ve already been tapering off with the A/C and it’s been rainy here lately, so the dampness is setting in…
      Very interesting that our lists are about the same. But I love to know that the people (and internet) will be “out there”.
      Be sure and flag us down if you see us bobbing around in the Bahamas!

  • Lucy


    Amazon Prime! We’re in the boatyard after 4 months cruising, and UPS now drives straight to our boat instead of going to the office.
    Very exciting for you to be so close to leaving!

    • Jennifer

      Oooh, UPS driving straight to your boat with your Amazon Prime orders is very exciting!

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